Ogma Network Ecosystem

Ogma's cross-chain bridge allows you to trade digital assets between different blockchains in a 100% decentralized way. Ogma interconnects blocks from different blockchains and allows exchanges to be made quickly and securely between all existing chains.

We provide a new solution for cross-chain exchanges that is easy to use and cost-effective. Ogma is your bridge to DeFi 2.0.

Trade digital assets quickly and easily

An adapted and accessible cross-chain solution for everyone

Reduced transfer fees on different blockchains

DApps supported across multiple platforms

Problems & Solutions

Current cross-chain bridge problems and how our ecosystem will solve them.


Few Scalable Blockchains
  • Most current cross-chain solutions don't allow you to interact with all existing blockchains and are a real challenge to the development of cryptographic technologies.


Access to Scalable Blockchains
  • Ogma's ecosystem allows users to interact with the latest scalable EVM-compatible blockchains.


Cost of Trades
  • The cost of cross-chain trades is high and therefore not accessible to everyone. Not using scalable blockchains leads to expensive trading costs.


Lower Transfer Costs
  • The new scalable blockchains and the technologies used to link them greatly reduce gas expenses.


Safety & Vulnerabilities
  • Many cross-chain bridges today do not comply with security standards and the blockchain technology they use doesn't provide a safe environment for each trade.


100% Decentralized Security & Use
  • Ogma is a 100% decentralized solution that doesn't require any intervention from centralized technology.

Our vision

Our main goal is to provide a new cross-chain solution accessible to everyone!

Ogma's cross-chain goal is to provide an innovative solution that connects all existing blockchains and unlocks the value of each digital asset. We want to facilitate the mutual integration of Dapps to support all contributors (developers, investors and blockchains) to address transfer issues and reduce transaction costs for users.
We want to make a contribution and help create a larger blockchain based financial system in the world.

How does it work?

How does our ecosystem solve current and future cross-chain problems?

Cross-Chain Transfer Protocol (CCTP)

CCTP is a protocol to connect decentralized applications (DApps) anonymously and securely on any blockchain. This is made possible with API calls from any blockchain.

Validator Nodes

Ogma's cross-chain validator nodes allow transfers between different blockchains to be safe. The consensus mechanism used is the delegated proof of stake (DpoS). The users elect the validators.
The status of the blockchains is recorded in Ogma's cross-chain system once it is known.

Threshold Signatures

Nodes must collectively approve the current transaction to transfer assets between different blockchains. Once the transaction is approved, assets can be transferred safely between blockchains.

Safety & Decentralization

Ogma's cross-chain safety relies on its decentralized nature and on its BFT (Byzantine Tault Tolerant) consensus algorithm. This algorithm is optimized for low overload time and reduces the impact of faulty nodes during an asset transfer.

Our Tokenomics

  • 36%Public Sale
  • 17%Liquidity & Pools
  • 12%Ecosystem
  • 12%Insurance Fund
  • 10%Marketing & Partners
  • 10%Team
  • 3%Advisors

Our Roadmap

Phase 1

Website Launch
Ogma Token Smart Contract

Phase 1

White Paper

Phase 1

Strategic partnership

Phase 2

OGMA V2 Presale (06/01)

Phase 2

OGMA V2 Launch

Phase 3

- Security architecture deployed
- Insurance Program

Phase 3

- Ogma Network Cross-chain Beta Launch
- Collect Community Feedback

Phase 4

- CEX Listings
- App Development
- Ogma Network Cross-chain V1 Launch

Phase 5

- Second Marketing Deployment
- Bug Bounty Program
- Language Support

Phase 5

- Ogma Network Cross-chain V2 Launch
- Certik Audit

Phase 6

- Expended API
- Ecosystem Development
- To be continued

Our Partners & Investors